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Guidelines for treatment of pets in Alpha Animal Hospital

Dear Clients, as we continue to track COVID-19 updates, we are committed to provide
uninterrupted veterinary care to your loved furry babies. Safety of our team members,
our patients and pet parents is our top priority in this unpredictable corona virus
situation. As the number of cases of COVID-19 are increasing nationwide, including in our
county, we have a pertinent responsibility to help mitigate the spread of this virus. We as
veterinary professionals are trying to make our best effort to keep our hospital open to
provide care to our patients, while taking necessary measures for protecting ourselves
and the general public. We are following guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control
(CDC), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), OSHA and County Public Health
Department to keep our staff and pet parents away from the corona virus as much as
possible, which requires everyone’s cooperation.

At our hospital we have implemented additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols that
meet CDC recommendations, including disinfecting all surfaces more frequently than
usual, especially surfaces touched by the public, like door knobs/handles, chairs and our
front desk counters. Frequent hand washing, no hugs/handshakes, using gloves as much
possible and avoiding touching our nose, eyes and mouth. We encourage everyone to use
these and more safety precautions.

Our team members have been instructed not to come to work if they or someone in
their family is ill, coughing or has a fever. While there may be increased wait times for us to see
your pets, we will try our best to get you in and out.
As per our emergency policy, ill patients will be seen ahead of those
not ill, irrespective of whose appointment was first. We request your patience and
cooperation if it by chance happens to take us longer than the usual time to help with the care
of your pet. Our reception staff will make efforts to keep customers informed of waiting
times, but there may be unpredictability on waiting times due to unforseen circumstances,
especially due to taking extra precautions and short of staff situations. If your pet is
coming for surgery drop off and your pet may have been in contact with a person with flu like
symptoms, please give such pet a bath with lukewarm water a night before surgery drop
off day as a precaution, to minimize the possibility of fomite related horizontal virus

All pets with appointments or walk in sick patients will be received at the reception door with no entry for pet parents into the hospital. If you or your family member have symptoms of fever, cold/cough, we recommend you to stay home and send your pet with
someone who is free of symptoms. Only one healthy family member/pet
parent brings the pet to our reception door. Please bring dogs on leash and cats in
carriers, for our staff to be able to help you. Furthermore, we request that
financial decision making person should come with the pet to authorize treatment plan on
pet care, which can be authorized over the phone. Please do not bring moral support pets
with your sick pet, to avoid overcrowding our reception door area.

All pets coming for exam/vaccines or treatment will be kept as drop off pets until
care is completed .All charges will be paid over phone before you return to pick the pet at
discharge time to avoid you having contact with others. Then staff will call you for pick
up. Pet will be brought to reception door, from where you take your pet home.
For humane euthanasia, pet parent will be allowed to come into exam room. Please bring
your own mask. Only one pet parent can accompany the
pet and rest of the family members should stay in vehicle.

For customers who want to purchase pet food, medicine refills, flea products etc, please
call us, staff will charge you over the phone.
We will call you to deliver the product to you at reception door.
All of these efforts are being made for our safety.
As per CDC guidelines, pet parents exhibiting symptoms of
cold/cough/fever should use gloves and face mask to handle their pets. Like always, we
are here to help you and your furry babies. 

We appreciate your cooperation, trust and
continuous support.


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